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The Veterans

The Friendship Circle is an incredible organization that does more than provide great peer interaction through Sunday Circles, Friends at Home, and other activities. This year, we "veterans" of the Friendship Circle, have joined together as a team because we ARE a team. Having a child with special needs can be isolating and scary. Through the Friendship Circle, a group of moms found each other and developed very special friendships. FC has been an invaluable resource for connecting our children and for connecting us. We have supported each other in school battles, sorted through the confusion of IEP's, ISP's, ESY, FBA..... and are standing up to healthcare changes that imperil our kids’ futures.We have shared each other’s joys and pains, given each other advice and sometimes just given up and laughed. We got into the Friendship Circle for our kids, but the ripple effect extended to us: we found fellow moms who became resources, mentors, and friends for life. We are so grateful to the Friendship Circle for giving us this and for giving our children friends, peer role models, and fun. We hope that you can help us to support this special organization,

The Veterans (The Kineke, Wolpert, McNulty, Miller and Banner families)


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