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Will You Support My Fundraising Goal?

Sara Bergmann

Thank you for supporting my fundraising efforts for The Philly Friendship Walk!
To all those who took the time to stop and read this, let me tell you about an organization that changed my life and the lives of many others. The Philly Friendship Circle “connects teens and young adults to youth with special needs and their families through a full range of social offerings. Inspired by the power of genuine friendships, our youth cultivate understanding, kindness and responsibility while ensuring a caring and inclusive community.” I ask you to please donate what you can, if you can and know that if you do so that money is going towards an organization that makes the world a better, more inclusive place. I love the Philly Friendship Circle with all my heart! - Sara


raised of $300 goal

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Keep it up Sara!!
4. MBMarcia Bergmann
continue to be the best friend you know how to be . Keep making other people smile . Xo
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