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Will You Support My Fundraising Goal?

Sammi Tapper

Thank you for supporting my fundraising efforts in my last Philly Friendship Walk!

Check out the great video below about how The Friendship Circle creates a more inclusive community for teens, young adults, individuals with special needs and their families.

Friendship Circle is very special to me and has payed a large role in my life for the past 6 years. I appreciate any support you can offer! Help kick off the year by walking with me, donating to my page, or starting your own fundraising campaign!
Best - Sammi



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. SShanu and Mark Kurd
Great work Sammi!!
2. TMTerri Malenfant
Go Sammi!
3. JTJay Tapper
4. PRPatricia Rasmussen
Go Sammi! So proud of your continued work with Friendship Circle! Xx
5. HSHolly Soroca
6. ?Anonymous
Way to go Sammi!

Team SJ