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michelle's fun friendship fundraising page!!

Michelle Kelly

Michelle’s Fundraising Page!!

Hey there!

Welcome to my 2019 Friendship Walk Fundraising Page! Let's work together to do as much as we can to support this amazing organization!!!

I first became involved with the Philly Friendship Circle through a friend back in 6th grade. Soon after, I joined the MVP program as part of my bat mitzvah service project. I enjoyed the experience so much that I stuck with it and have made it part of my weekly routine!!

Every Sunday, I attend Sunday Circle, where I spend 3 hours with a buddy, hanging out and participating in various activities from cooking to karate to bouncy houses to slime-making!! My first year or so of Friendship Circle, I was paired with a different buddy each time, which made each week new and exciting as I got to meet various awesome new kids and teens from the area. I learned how to be kind and respectful to everyone, especially those who have intellectual and developmental disorders, and it has guided me in so many instances throughout my life.

At the beginning of 8th grade, I was paired with Ethan, a now eighth grader who is on the autism spectrum. Since then, I have hung out with Ethan at every single Sunday Circle that I could attend, as well as other Friendship Circle and Best Buddy events in between. Ethan is an incredibly special figure in my life because he, by always being curious and wanting to learn, helps me follow in his footsteps and become a better person. Also, he has taught me so many lessons about living in the moment and being happy despite any obstacles. He has never failed to put a smile on my face.

Please help me make a difference in our community by supporting the Philly Friendship Circle!! Your funds will go directly towards forming bonds like the one I have with Ethan and making Friendship Circle more accessible to everyone! Join us in walking on October 6th at Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy or donate to help us reach our fundraising goals - any small bit helps!!



raised of $1,000 goal

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