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Will You Support My Fundraising Goal?

Kerren Matthews

Thank you for supporting my fundraising efforts for The Philly Friendship Walk!

Check out the great video below about how The Friendship Circle creates a more inclusive community for teens, young adults, individuals with special needs and their families.

I appreciate any support you can offer! Help kick off the year by walking with me, donating to my page, or starting your own fundraising campaign!
Best - Kerren



raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

Oh Kerren, your love and dedication are amazing! Love you!!!
2. MMarla and Gideon Stein
Go Kerren! Amazing you are so dedicated to both Cara and also to the organization as a whole. They are lucky to have such a valuable asset -- YOU!
3. JJoanne and Dean
Hi Kerren- As always, you amaze us with your kind heart and your commitment to this wonderful organization. We love you! Joanne and Dean
4. JMJane E Matthews
Kerren, wonderful job, wonderful work!
5. wsWilfred Stein
Keep up the great work! Sabba and Savta
6. SBSangeeta Bishop
Way to go, Kerren!!

Team Camp Galil and Friends