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My 2019 Philly Friendship Walk Fundraising Page

Jackie Swartz

Jackie’s Friendship Fund

The Friendship Circle has been a huge part of my life for five years. Each Sunday, I look forward to the unique experience I will have with my ever changing buddies :) Meeting new people, having fun, and building my communication skills are all amazing parts of The Friendship Circle.

I am lucky enough to have a mentor position this year in this organization and even co-chair this walk! Through all my years with this nonprofit, I am so happy to expand my role and allow others to see how strongly The Friendship Circle affected me.

I ask that you will kindly support this amazing group and help even more amazing friendships begin!

See you at the walk, Jackie <3


Getting ready for the walk on Sunday. Super excited! Let's hope for good weather and an amazing time with family and friends!


Thank you to everyone that has donated. It means a lot to both me and this organization! Hope to see you all at the walk :)


Can’t wait for another great walk :)


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. DWDana Werner
What a wonderful cause! So proud of the work you have done with the Friendship Circle, Jackie! XO Love, The Werners :)
2. JSJulie Singer
We are so very proud of you! What a wonderful cause.
3. Jackie Swartz
4. DFDeborah Fleisher
5. LBLinda & Fred Bloom
What a wonderful Mitzvah for you. Best Wishes
6. PSPhyllis Shamberg