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My 2019 Philly Friendship Walk Fundraising Page

Chaya Snyder


Please join us in celebrating Goldie and Bella’s birthdays’ while supporting the Philly Friendship Walk - an annual event kicking off the year to raise the crucial funds and community awareness for Philly Friendship Circle- a nonprofit building inclusive friendships in our community. Both Goldie and Bella were born on the same Hebrew date, three years apart, in the middle of the night after the friendship circle walk. (Jack was born in the middle of the night after the friendship circle end of year nature walk in June). We like to think of the friendship circle walk as our family’s magical birthday charm. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our girls’ birthdays then by joining with this amazingly fun and meaningful event!

We love being a part of this community where everyone belongs and the only rules are Be Yourself and Have Fun!

Let’s walk and celebrate together!
Please join us and help us reach our goal.


raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. ArAriel Roman
Happy birthday!
2. LSLeah Snyder
3. OTOrit Troodler
4. ABAviva Berkowitz
Happy birthday Bella and Goldie
5. CLChaviva Lief
Happy birthday!!
6. SMSarah Myer
Happy birthday to our amazing granddaughters!

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