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Team Seth

The Philly Friendship Walk is much more than a fundraiser....its a community event that celebrates abilities and creates an environment for everyone to have fun.

The Friendship Circle creates a more inclusive community for teens, young adults, individuals with special needs and their families.

Thank you for visiting our team's page. We hope you join the team, donate to the team and even fundraise with the team.

Any way you feel comfortable getting involved would mean the world to us.

- Team Seth

Daniel Cohen


    raised of $1,800 goal

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    1. HFHindy Finman
    I feel like an old grandma but... this makes me SO incredibly happy to see your involvement with FC. Yasher Koach!
    2. MBMutlu Bascillar
    Love you Seth! -xo
    3. MCMichael Cardilicchia
    This is awesome. Way to pay it forward!
    4. sfScott Fristachi
    5. MDMaxine Dotseth
    Great going Seth!
    6. mrMarci Rubin
    Congrats Seth!