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Ben's 2019 Philly Friendship Walk Fundraising Page

Ben Bernstein

Ben’s Bills

My name is Benjamin Bernstein, and I am one of the three co-chairs for this year's walk. I've been apart of friendship circle since 6th grade, participating in the MVP program and Sunday circles. I have also been a member of the general board. Now, entering 12th grade, I mostly enjoy friendship circle through friends at home.

The Friendship circle walk is a great place to hang out with the community, eat great food, enjoy multiple activities (They're a surprise sorry), and most of all, help friendship circle just by showing up. So excited to see everyone there!


raised of $3,500 goal

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1. SFSpike Family
Way to go, Ben!
2. KBKaren Bernstein
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way to go, Ben!
5. NBNeal Bernstein
have fun
6. JBJesse Bernstein
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