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My 2019 Philly Friendship Walk Fundraising Page

Rebecca Shaid

Rebs’ Fundraising page

As I am beginning my year as a senior, I look back to the past 6 years I have spent volunteering at Friendship Circle and I feel nothing but gratitude. Throughout my years at The Friendship Circle I have created dozens of invaluable relationships with fellow teens and my buddies. I realize that I have grown much more than I could have ever imagined. I have become more receptive to differences, more aware of people’s limitations and more patient and understanding. For everything the Friendship Circle has given me, I am trying my hardest to give back. Please help me raise money for this incredible organization. Every dollar really does make a difference.
Thank you so much,
Rebecca Shaid


raised of $2,200 goal

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1. RWRachel Wachs
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Keep up the great work Rebs!
3. MSMichael Shaid
4. MSMichael Shaid
5. ALAnnie Lawlor
Your kindness knows no limits.You are an extraordinarily spectacular person.xo
6. ESElizabeth Shaid
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