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Will You Support My Fundraising Goal?

Sheila A Kineke

This years walk theme is "Show Your FC Pride". I am a proud supporter of the Philly Friendship Circle. Here is why...

The Friendship Circle creates a more inclusive community for teens, young adults, individuals with special needs and their families.


The Philly Friendship Walk is much more than a fundraiser....its a community event that celebrates abilities and creates an environment for everyone to have fun.

Any way you feel comfortable getting involved would mean the world to me and to them. Donating, Walking, Fundraising, Sponsoring, Volunteering...we are proud to have you getting involved.

Best - Sheila A


raised of $100 goal

Recent Donations

1. CTConnie Toll
2. JBJulie Ellner And Robert Bernstein
3. JSJulia & Natan Simhai
4. ABAnna Brown
happy walking!
5. AIAlan Iser
6. VBVicki Broach
Walk tall!

Team Andlew