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Will You Support My Fundraising Goal?

Deborah S Livingston

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts for The Philly Friendship Walk!

Check out the great video below about how The Friendship Circle creates a more inclusive community for teens, young adults, individuals with special needs and their families.

The Friendship Circle has been part of our life for the past two years and we look forward to many more. This incredible organization has created learning opportunities for all three of our boys to make friends with children of all abilities. Sunday Circle provides structured activities including art, music and yoga for these friendships to blossom. Each of our children have learned social communication skills which will open all doors for them in the future. This organization needs funding to provide programming to ensure that all children have friends and activities. Please join our family to raise awareness for creating friendships on our walk 10/22 or donate to the Philly Friendship Circle.

We are chairing the walk this year and need your support more than ever!
Best - Deb, Mark, Max, Simon and Ari



raised of $1,800 goal

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1. TKTamie Kaufman
2. SSSamantha Singer
Keep on truckin' love you always and forever Aunt Samantha & Uncle Ben
3. CCCandice Chaplin
Deb, you’re an inspiration and a true role model!
4. GPGianie Perez
We hope to see you on Sun.!!
5. MMMelisa Moore
Yay Deb!
6. TThe Zalut family
I'm sorry we can't be there but we'll be thinking of you on walk day! Xoxo

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