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My 2019 Philly Friendship Walk Fundraising Page

Jessica Dubin

Jessica Dubin

Please join me in supporting the Philly Friendship Walk - an annual event kicking off the year to raise the crucial funds and community awareness for Philly Friendship Circle- a nonprofit building inclusive friendships in our community.

I love being a part of this community where everyone belongs and the only rules are Be Yourself and Have Fun!

I joined Friendship Circle this year so I could help and be a more involved member of my community. The Friendship Circle is an organization where special needs children are paired with volunteer buddies. I participate in Sunday Circle which is where you go to a synagogue and there are stations you go to with your buddy. It's a very rewarding afternoon and I look forward to working with my buddy.

Let’s walk together!
Please join me and help me reach my goal.


raised of $1,200 goal

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What a great Mitzvah! Enjoy your time with your new friends. xoxo
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