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Debbie Rosenbaum

I got a call from Max's teacher last fall. During a group discussion, the question was "what is the one thing you don't have that you really really want?" Answers ranged from "a pony" "every Pokémon card" to "gummy bears". Max's answer was "friends".

We discussed how it was amazing that Max could identify that feeling. The problem was Max didn't know how to be a friend. He lacked the stamina to be around kids his age who are often unpredictable and wasn't sure how to participate in group activities.

I called Philly Friendship Circle the next day. 10 days later we went to a Sunday friendship circle and 2 hours later Max walked out talking about all of his new friends. Having a Friendship circle teen help him navigate new activities and new peers was the key to making him feel more comfortable.

Several months later we started play dates with Max's friends from school. He loves playing with his friends and his play dates are fun for everyone involved. Max did a lot of work to get here, and Philly Friendship Circle was with us the whole way.

We want to help more kids access the magic that is Philly Friendship Circle. We are fundraising so that Philly Friendship Circle can expand their reach, provide alternative types of programming, and deepen their ties to the community. I hope you will join me in supporting this very special organization.



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1. JJulie and Sam Beznos
Sounds like such an amazing place. Detroit also has an amazing friendship circle. Sending lots of love Julie
2. LWLaura Wright
I hope you have nice weather that day ????
3. TThe Birkens
Go Team!
4. JBJaime Bassman
5. PPete and Emma Yeomans
6. JOJennifer Owen
Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I see a lot of kids like Max and Bowen at school. I know what you have been through. You guys are family. Hope this little bit helps the Max'es of the world make friends.
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