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Sarah's Walk Page

Sarah Baram


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the Philly Friendship Walk 2019.
The Friendship Circle is a program i volunteer for most Sundays of the year. It is where i go just to have fun and connect with new friends who i usually wouldn't have the opportunity to hang out with.
Each Sunday, the staff at FC pair me up with a friend and we do activities together or just hang out. It is something i really enjoy and look forward to do each week.
This year i am part of the FC Teen Leadership Board which means i have a bigger role in FC. The walk is one of FC's main fundraisers and it would me A LOT to me if you are able to donate and/or if you can come to the walk itself on October 6th!
Thank you so much and i hope to see you there!


raised of $3,000 goal

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1. CSChana Schwartz
You go girl! We love you!
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3. RCRivkah Caroline
4. SFSarah Malka Foster
Much Hatzlacha!
5. AGAlan Gould
With lovw
6. BSBette Samuel
Go Sarah!! Love you and all the Barameters! Mighty Aunt Bette